Ten Tools Every Man Needs For Home Improvement & Remodeling

Not every man has the resources to fill a bat cave with the gadgets required to be a superhero, but with a selection of DeWALT tools you can make a start. The ability to fix things around the house, much like being a master around the barbecue, will significantly increase your “man points” while at the same time saving you money.

Below is a list of 10 tools every man needs in his man cave:

Chainsaw: Designed for extreme sawing applications, like tree felling, or cutting firewood. It also has a high intimidation factor thanks to the use of it in many horror films throughout the years. Texas chainsaw Massacre is the first that springs to mind.

Circular saw: Versatile and deadly. Cordless and corded versions exist and are ideal for a large number of sawing tasks at home, such as cutting timber for fencing boards or window frames.

Drill: A power drill is possibly the most used of all power tools due to the variety of applications it can be used for. The ability to be used as a drill and screw driver makes this a must have tool for any man cave. the possibilities of this tool is endless.

Nail gun: Firstly, because it sounds deadly, and secondly because it has a large number of useful applications around the house. These uses include framing, roofing and a variety of finishing jobs that are completed with ease using this tool.

Bandsaw: For accurate sawing tasks a band saw is what is required. It can be used to cut wood and metal depending on the type of blade fitted to the device.

Belt Sander:
Intimidation factor – High. Traditionally used to prepare wood for later, finer finishing work, DeWALT belt sanders are available as cordless or corded models.

Heat Gun: Heat guns can be used to help you strip paint off of walls more quickly and efficiently and can also be used to defrost frozen items such as pipes. Also, if your microwave stops working the defrosting uses will increase substantially.

Impact wrench: This device can be used for vehicle related jobs, assembly and construction uses and if you ever require a quick tyre change on your own batmobile, it will take mere seconds.

Lathe: It is most often used in furniture making but for those more adventurous at heart it can also be used to shape the bones of hunting trophies into all manner of different shapes and designs.

Jigsaw: It is designed for cutting intricate shapes for decor and can easily cut curves in a variety of different woods. Mark out the required shape on the wood you are cutting and simply follow the lines with the blade. Easy as pie.

While this is a rather comprehensive tools, there are so many more options out there. Get your own selection of tools to best suit your needs, such as those from DeWALT now, and set yourself on the path to handyman glory. I’m sure the wife will be ecstatic too.

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