Top Tools Which Can Come Handy During DIY Improvements

Whether you are trying to set up a handy man business or plan to take up some DIY home improvement projects, your tools are the key to success. If you have all the tools in place, you can be assured of a few things. Firstly, your project won’t be stuck at any phase due to lack of proper tools. Secondly, if you have the right tools for the right job, you will save on both time and energy! Thirdly, you can minimize the frustration that comes along with tricky home projects and in fact enjoy the process of creating something on your own. With the right tools, you will always be proud of the ultimate results.

Knowing the basics and the ground rules

Before you go all out and pick up some power tools, it is essential to know the basics. These include pencils, measuring tapes, glasses, level, saw, hammer, assorted screwdrivers, pliers, utility blade, crescent wrench etc. Once you have these in place, it is time to go shopping for the big tools. You can have a tool belt to carry these basics around, as you will need them really often and chances of losing these small tools is also high.

oscillating-toolsOscillating tools

An oscillating tool is the expert of many tasks. These include cutting, carving, polishing, cleaning, engraving and sanding. The best part is that it is an incredibly handy tool. It barely requires space and it allows you to perform small jobs quickly. Since it is a very popular tool, many brands are producing it and you can easily find one that will fit your budget. You can choose between cordless or corded tool depending upon your project needs. If there is no power source available at the site of construction, opt for a cordless one.

Cordless Drillcordless-drill

Perhaps the most overused tool in any project around the house is a power drill. If you manage to own a cordless drill, nothing can prove to a better asset to carry out your DIY chores. A cordless drill is a boon, especially when you are focusing on furniture items like making tables, chairs, bookshelves, cupboards, cabinets etc. When you purchase a cordless drill, focus on buying a lightweight model as a heavy drill can be difficult to use over long periods of time.


nail-gunNail Guns

Another important tool that can help you save loads of time is a nail gun. A nail gun works exactly like a stapler and works great when you have a furniture project at hand. Right from assembling the wood pieces together to fixing the upholstery, the nail gun can take care of it. It cuts down the time taken to make furniture and reduces effort negligibly.

Plumbing Toolspex_crimping_tool

If you have taken up projects related to the kitchen sink or any bathrooms, you need special plumbing tools. These include a drain auger, pipe wrenches, torch, pipe cutter, pipe bender and solder. These tools will ensure there are no clogged up drains, leaky pipes and broken faucets.

These tools are like secret weapons a successful handyman carries and every successful DIY household hides from their friends.

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