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Japanese dive watches – a symbol of craftsmanship

Nowadays, dive watches are among the most popular timepieces being sold in the market. All watch brands, from newcomers to prestigious companies, have at least one dive watch series in their lineups. Dive watches are no longer a dedicated tool for pro – divers, they’re now accessories of those who even never dip a toe in the sea. Dress watches are sometimes too elegant and look fragile, sport watches are usually rugged and not dressy. But dive watches can get the best of both worlds. They’re nice-looking and suitable with everyday wear, and have a solid body at the same time. They’re versatile timepieces that you can dress-up or dress-down depending on particular occasions. However, combining dressiness with sportiness in a single watch is not easy, that’s why dive watches have become a symbol of craftsmanship.

When it comes to dive watches, Swiss brands are dominant is the luxury segment. Needless to say, their reputations have been well-known all over the world for centuries. What about the low-budget segment, who is the boss here? Well, in my opinion, the 3 Japanese watchmakers Citizen, Seiko and Orient. Each has their own advantages.


citizen eco drive

They’re well-known for their Eco-drive dive watches in the North America market. These underwater pieces are not only featured, but also have such a high water resistance rating – up to 300m. Citizen eco-drives are prone to sporty watches, they’re not suitable with formal apparel, but you can still use them for daily wear because they’re fashionable. It’s worth noting that the Eco-drive is a type of solar-powered quartz movement, so if you want a mechanical dive watch, Citizen is not the best choice for you!


seiko dedicated to perfection

Being the No.1 watchmaker of Japan, Seiko offers a wide range of dive watches: from traditional automatic to quartz and solar-powered. In terms of designing, their dive watches are dressier than those of Citizen. Most affordable dive watches of Seiko just have a 200m water resistance depth, but I think it’s more than enough for most divers. Their diving pieces are ISO-certified ( the same to Citizen’s watches), that mean’s these watches meet all international standards for a true diver’s. Despite offering all types of dive watches, Seiko’s most famous pieces are their automatic ones, namely SKX series and the Monsters, they are the best Seiko dive watches in the market up to now.


orient logo

The smallest of the three, but it doesn’t mean their products are inferior. Orient dive watches are very dressy-looking, much more than Citizen’s and Seiko’s. Although these dive watches not ISO-certified, they’re still reliable underwater, there’re few people who have problems with Orient’s watches in their scuba dive. Orient dive watches are a little cheaper than Seiko’s and Citizen’s but their level of craftsmanship is the same to the 2 giants. It’s worth noting that all Orient’s dive watches are automatic timepieces as this brand is loyal with traditional mechanical watches.


In the budget price range, Japanese dive watches are a good option because they’re well-designed and fully featured, even the cheapest one embodies attention to detail. Japanese diving pieces are really a symbol of craftsmanship in the watch industry.