If You Like DIY Projects, Find A Place Where You Get All Your Tools

If you are some one who loves DIY projects, then having a toolbox that is well equipped is essential to complete your DIY projects. Whether these projects be as small as hanging up a painting, or conducting some large scale home improvement projects. So how do you get about getting all these tools together?

Buying at specialist stores

Buying everything at one go will only end up stripping your wallet of every last penny. Hence the best way forward is to arrange the basic tools you need. It always works best if you shop at a specialist store that deals in DIY tools. The benefit of going to such a shop is you can get all the tools you need in one place. Secondly if you are looking to buy items, which are currently out of stock they can arrange for it to be ordered in for you. Finally they would also have an in-store set of experts who can advise you on the best tools for any project you undertake. Also in these stores, you can meet other DIY peers, who can let you in on what new is happening in the industry.

Finally if you are looking to rent some equipment, then knowing a trustworthy shop always helps. For e.g. if you are looking to get a floor sander, then you should rent it definitely.

 Look for discounts

Well since you cannot afford to buy all your tools in one go, it might help to look for discounts. During Boxing Day sale and summer sales you can look at increasing the size of your tool box. It would help if you put up the list of your requirements on your wish list for your birthday gifts!


Some basic tools that you should keep in your toolbox are:

  • Screwdriver set–look out for flat head with a bunch of different sizes available. If you look for magnetic tips it might still help along with a good grip to make it easy to use the tool.
  • Tape measure – keep everything in shape, including that waist! The tape measures are available in a number of different widths. The wider the width the easier it is to support with one hand when extended.
  • Pliers – pliers which lock and can be adjusted are the way to go ahead. As they can be locked into place, it can also double up as a clamp if need be.
  • Electric drill – to start with even though you can beg or borrow one, sooner rather than later its best to get one for yourself.
  • Level – this is the tool that can keep everything on the level, including all the photos. If you are looking for a hands free leveller then a laser level is a better option for you.
  • Utility knife – this is a toolbox requirement and it is best to buy one which has in house storage and the handles are made of rubber for a comfortable grip.
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Work light or flashlight
  • Claw Hammer – it can help you drive in and take out nails. If the grip is made of vinyl, plastic or rubber helps with the shock absorption.

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