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Advantages of using an air compressor

curtis air compressor

Considering the reputation of the company or the product’s manufacturer is one of the things and factors that anyone shouldn’t miss when buying a particular product. All products are not the same since they differ from types, styles, model and quality as well. So, it is essential to choose the right one which would be good and suitable for your projects, tastes and preferences.

But what if you would like to buy an air compressor in your locality or even through online? Of course, you ought to find the best and high quality air compressor so as to have great services and more benefits out of the product. If that’s the case, then it is advisable to consider the Curtis Toledo, Inc. since its reputation maintains in the world of selling industry. It also stands out in the marketplace compared to the other brand names.

If you are making such activities using an air compressor and you consider it as your hobby or for business purposes, then you should recognize the presence of Curtis air compressor. According to many experts and users, this brand is one of the indispensable products that are present in the circulation. You can make use of this type of air compressor to power sanders, drills, grinders, nail guns, impact guns, paint sprayers and even ratchets.

Curtis Air Compressor – Its Benefits and Advantages

Using Curtis air compressor for your hobbies and projects would be a nice idea. It is because you can surely gain lots of benefits out of what you have. Some people might be amazed about its good things; but you shouldn’t be. It is because you can surely have the exceptional things and services which you may say that this product is really excellent and worth for investment. Some of the advantages that you can get from utilizing this type are the following:

  • Easy to begin with – Getting with this kind of air compressor is not a tricky thing for you. In fact, this is much easier than any other brands out there. You can only find it easy to start since it is well-equipped with a magnetic type of motor starter.
  • Durability – One of its notable features that are known by many users is its durability. In fact, Curtis already established its name for how many years and many people already know the great designs and styles of it. Most of the units and models made by the manufacturer are made up of heavy iron construction to ensure maximum durability.
  • Portability – Some of the traditional air compressor are built with heavy materials. So, these tools are hard enough to transfer from one place to another. But with the advent of the new inventions on air compressor, there’s now a portable type of it which is good for every user. Curtis made some portable compressors that are light and tough tires which help the owners in transferring the equipment into different locations. These portable compressors are easy to maintain and can even work in a heavy duty.
  • Great support – To maintain the good services of the product to all their loyal consumers, the company established a website that will support and their concerns and queries. So, you may also scroll their websites and pages to explore the essence of the product, especially on its significant functions.
  • Warranty – Curtis air compressor models and units are all covered with warranty period. Buyers of their products are entitled to purchase any product with a maximum of 5-years warranty period. However, to avail this warranty period program, it is advisable to visit their website and register for free. There, you may also have some pieces of information that would help you in choosing the right product for you.

Try to purchase this type of air compressor and you will surely have numerous benefits out of the product. You will never blame yourself in buying this item since it is made of light but high quality materials. Furthermore, you can make sure that the product that you will buy from the Curtis Company will give you the privilege to do the projects that you have in a proper or accurate way.

Should You Own An Air Compressor?

air compressorAt some point you have probably heard of air compressors, but you might not know exactly what they are. You probably think they are important, and you would be quite right. Without air compressors we would not have progressed as far as we have, especially in the way of construction. There are a number of tools that are used with air compressors, and they are completely dependent on the air compressor in order to run. The most notable tools are the air pumps and nail guns.

It would actually be fair to say that behind every great construction, crew there is a great air compressor, and in fact there are only a few drawbacks to using one. The first advantage of course being the fact that it does not require electricity. If the job is one that is just getting started, then electricity will not be widely available. In this case, air is a welcome asset as it can power all the tools of the trade, especially if you do not have a generator.

But with advantages come disadvantages, as anyone should know. The biggest disadvantage is that some heavy-duty air compressors are going to require gasoline or diesel to run. There are those that rely on electricity, but that gets to be a problem seeing as how the point of having an air compressor was to avoid electricity.

Gasoline is very expensive these days. Whether or not you can afford the cost of it to run your air compressor is going to be a personal decision. Also, choosing a suitable gas powered air compressor  for your jobs is a little more difficult than choosing an electric one, because their structure & usage is more complicated. The question now is what type of air compressor will you use, and where will you get your parts?

We’re going to cut to the chase here. There are two major brands in the construction industry that almost all contractors use without exception. They are Craftsman and DeWalt. You probably know them. DeWalt is the famous yellow brand, and Craftsman is silver and black. Of course they are not defined by their colors, but rather by their commitment to excellence. They both have a great replacement policy, and Craftsman even guarantees it’s products for life. You’ll be hard pressed to find another company that does this.

So how do you get your parts?

air compressor parts

There are a number of ways, and it is true that most air compressors will be supplied parts from their individual manufacturers. If you wish to get a lower price though, you could always buy from a third party retailer. This includes stores and even websites. The possibilities are endless when it comes to buying parts for your air compressor.

It is best not to use auction websites for this type of purchase as it is hard to tell whether or not you are getting a new part. Understand that it is not a good idea to take chances when you buy parts for your air compressor. This being the case, always buy new from either a store or BBB certified internet marketer, and of course make sure that you get parts certified for your particular air compressor. This is the best way to get your air compressor parts.

Karcher Pressure Washers

pressure washer

Karcher pressure washers come with a solid brand name behind them. Holding 260 patents, Karcher makes reliable equipment for home use as well as commercial. Even if you only use it to wash your car, their residential models are sometimes adapted from their commercial-grade products, bringing you added reliability and innovation.

If you’ve never thought about owning one or need a more efficient replacement for a pressure washer you already own, Karcher pressure washers are great for keeping your outdoor areas free of mud and dirt. Instead of a cumbersome garden hose, a lightweight, portable pressure washer can effectively hose down almost anything, including cars, driveways, decks, boats or trailers, awnings, deck or patio furniture, siding and windows, and trashcans. What’s the difference between a pressure washer and a garden hose? Well, the lowest-pressure model delivers nearly 28 times more pressure than a hose. That’s a lot of power to eliminate mud and dirt off of your car or driveway.

Karcher pressure washers are designed with actual people in mind. They strive to use the newest changes in ergonomic technology for more portable pressure washers that are also more comfortable, and to make their washers easy to use and efficient. Home models start at only 9 lbs. and include clips on the device for storing the different wands used for various jobs. These pressure washers are also made to be more efficient and less noisy, built with a stop function on the trigger so it only runs when you’re spraying. That means you can easily use your pressure washer whether you’re in a rural area or a tightly packed neighborhood.

Models come with two types of wands: the patented Dirtblaster for solid surfaces like brick, concrete, and stone and the Vario Power Spray wand that lets you adjust the water pressure so you can power wash your porch or lightly spray off your car. Some models come with built-in detergent tanks and larger models with dual detergent tanks. The Vario Power Spray wand lets you automatically use detergent when spraying. Most of Karcher pressure washers for home use are electric and therefore much quieter and easier to use than gasoline powered washers. That and the compact design make them usable almost anywhere, including urban environments such as around condos and townhouses.

And because of the brand power, you’ll be able to find whatever parts or accessories you need to upgrade and maintain your pressure washer. You can find different wands, cleaning kits, and brush attachments for various jobs, including wand extensions, wide area surface cleaners, and a water pumping kit. If you have a model with a detergent tank or even a dual detergent tank, they also make a few different formulas of soap, including all-purpose cleaner, degreaser, and car soap and wax.

If you’d like to clean your car without fighting with a hose, deep clean your house siding or hard-to-reach upper story windows, or keep almost anything else you own free of mud and dirt, look to Karcher pressure washers for home use.