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Floating Bed Ideas and Design (With Pics)


Backyard Patio Floating Bed

Floating bed ideas – Maybe sometimes you need different experience when you sleep. What you think about floating bed? Are this interesting for you? Yeah, floating bed maybe is good idea if you want to try something new.

A new experience on your sleep and you can use it as relax spot with your family. We have collected image of floating bed from some websites, I hope this can help you when you want to purchase floating bed.


Hanging Floating Bed with Pyramid Design


Magnetic Floating Bed


Patio with Floating Bed



Bedroom Decoration Tips (With Pics)


It is well-known that the sleeping room is one of the most important rooms in any house; it is a place to relax and enjoy your dreams. Therefore its atmosphere influences our well-being, health and mood.



All of us got used to traditional decorating with beautiful wallpaper, but this is not enough. There are much more ways to improve the apartment.

Perhaps, the most popular way is hanging drawings and pictures. For example, modern pictures in interiors are rather abstract, and it is very difficult to understand the idea sometimes.

However, it is worth remembering that the walls should be combined with other finishing materials and décor elements in the room to create the atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

If your sleeping room is decorated in Japanese style, then the decoration of walls can be absolutely not pertinent. Japanese style is complicated enough, and a simple Oriental cherry branch painted over the bed headboard will be a fine addition. Besides, Japanese daggers, swords or fans can look very smooth and genuine.

One of the most difficult ways of wall decorating is painting a fresco. It is also possible to change a wall in a bedroom for better is using stone or decorative plaster.



The ceiling in the sleeping room can look anyway you prefer, some people make it even mirror-like.
It is also possible to make a split-level ceiling which will become not only a creative decoration of a bedroom but also an addition to the chosen style.

And it is possible to make, for example, a ceiling with illumination of any bright shade or install colorful lighting. It looks very beautiful, mysterious and romantic.

If your bedroom is not big, then it is better not to lower a ceiling. Paint it light, and it will be nice to paste an original stucco molding in the center, but not a bulky one. It will both decorate a bedroom and expand the space visually.



Beautiful pieces of furniture – first of all a bed – can become an excellent decoration for the sleeping room. You can place an original round bed or a podium bed which will be surrounded by lamps and small little tables for various things. The bed with a soft headboard will also become a fine bedroom decoration.


Don’t forget that beautiful curtains can decorate any bedroom. While choosing curtains consider that they have to be made of the similar materials with the decor of the bed, and the colors should mix well. It looks very beautiful and allow to reach the compositional harmony.
If you adore collecting miscellaneous things like figurines or caskets, then you can put them on shelves in a bedroom. It looks nice, isn’t it? Everything depends on your preferences and wishes, the main thing is to begin.