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Home Improvement: The Art of Kitchen

You’re bored of your old kitchen? Then get on your heels and renovate the heart of your home through hassle free ideas. Only a well designed, well organized and tempting kitchen would compel you to work where you spend most of your time to cook for your family and friends. Use your creativity to revive the elegance of your kitchen and make it a compelling and delightful place for cooking.

Kitchen Sink:

Kitchen sink could become a prominent focal point in the kitchen if chosen, designed and placed in an appropriate manner. Kitchen sinks are easily available in different sizes, shapes, depths and material; however important part is their selection. You must choose a sink that compliments your décor and fixtures with strong and steady surface as it has to bear ample amount of weight. You can place stainless steel sinks of different sizes, shapes and depth, for instance double bowl stainless steel sinks, double drainer sinks, under counter sink, New Kohler 8 Degree Stainless Steel Kitchen sink, compact kitchen sink and the like. If stainless steel sink is not matching the theme and color scheme of your kitchen than you can use Cast iron sink, Composite granite sink, Cast Acrylic sink, Fireclay sink, Copper sink, Stone sink, Antique sink, over mount sink etc. If you find yourself short of counter space, look for sinks with custom-fitted cutting boards. Some units are also particularly designed to accommodate colanders and drain baskets, making it easier to drain food without tipping the container and spilling contents into the sink.

Pantry Cabinet sand Drawers:

Inclusion of appealing and feasible Pantry cabinets and drawers makes your kitchen more attractive, organized and useful. Pantry cabinets are now no more comprised of plane boxes they are widely available in different forms, sizes and shapes.  To organize your kitchen items in a more accessible way then place vertically oriented cabinets called pull-outs. Pull-outs not only looks attractive they also allow the quick access to the kitchen accessories. To enhance the elegance of your kitchen you can use different sort of pull-out pantry cabinets like, slim pull-out cabinets, classic solid wooden pull-out cabinets, antique pull-out cabinets, Stainless steel pull-out cabinets etc. You can also improvise a bit by placing open shelving of various types though it becomes messy sometimes but it allows easy access to kitchen objects while cooking. Stainless steel cupboard cabinets, Italian style cabinets, wooden planetary cabinets, Metal cabinets, Melamine board cabinets etc. would improve the look of your kitchen. Pull- out drawers could also become the container for your several pantry items and you can choose wooden multi drawers, vertical slim drawer or you can place small wooden drawers in the corners to save the space to give your kitchen a spacious look.

Cooktops or Cooking Range:

The initial decision you take while choosing a stove is usually stuck between whether to buy a cooktop or a cooking range. But it’s better to choose a cooktop as it will look more stylish, it consumes less space and it can effectively fused with the kitchen theme. You can choose gas and electric cooktop of any color, size and shape, like modular cooktops, Gaggenau Vario cooktops, Drop-in gas cooktops etc.

Walls, Floor and Color Scheme:

Join all the kitchen elements in a similar theme by selecting appropriate material, color and style for your kitchen. For instance, you can match floor and walls in your kitchen with the cabinets and other accessories. Give your walls, floor and cabinets a wooden look or you can also use printed wall paper, Checkered floor and wall paper, Stone walls etc. in accordance with the color scheme of your kitchen.

The Importance of Using Just the Right Newel Posts and Stair Railing

A properly designed and built flight of stairs is a thing of great beauty. Every part that goes into creating it plays an important role in the final product. The stair railing and the newel posts are not only important for the overall design but also for the issue of safety.

The Importance of Using Just the Right Newel Posts and Stair Railing

Choosing Newel Posts

Newel posts are those large posts at the beginning, and sometimes in the middle and top of a flight of stairs. In older homes, these were the central point, bearing elaborate designs and adding a bit of flourish. The range of materials used these days has changed a lot, but wood still remains a popular choice.

Oak remains widely used, not only because it is strong and durable, but when finished, it has a beautiful natural honey color. Other wood types such as ash, maple and cherry are also common. Cherry’s dark-brown color can blend in well with many colors used in home decor.

One of the first decisions a buyer will be faced with is whether to use an over the post system or a post-to-post system. With an over the post system, the stair railing runs over the newel posts, while the latter is attached using fixtures from post to post.

Whether or not you are choosing custom designed newel posts, there are some things to keep in mind. Some buyers are satisfied with the options offered by manufacturers. Either way, you should pay attention to:

  • The decor of the building or home it will be used in
  • The prevailing environmental conditions, since certain finishes are better suited for some climates than others
  • The amount of money that is available for upkeep and maintenance

Choosing a Stair Railing

The choice of stair railing used whether on the exterior or interior of a home will rest on various factors. Exposure to the elements demands the use of the most durable material available. Maintenance and upkeep will be more time consuming in these cases.

Wood is still a very popular stair railing choice whether it will be used indoors or outdoors. The same types of wood used for newel posts are also suitable and for the same reasons. Using it in combination with metal or some other material can create a unique look.

Since the main purpose is to keep users safe, the design and size of the stair railing should be suitable for anyone regardless of age. The elderly, children and people with disabilities will find it easier to hold onto simpler types. It does not have to be boring or unattractive, but a less elaborate design may be appropriate.

Caring for Staircases

No staircase will retain its luster without some amount of maintenance. Depending on the material used to make them, the cleaning methods will differ. For external staircases made of wood, there are times when apart from sweeping the treads, a little washing with soap and water and a broom is necessary.

The following steps are helpful in cleaning interior wooden staircases:

  • Sweep or vacuum the steps
  • Polish or wipe with the recommended solution based on the type of wood and varnish used when making the steps
  • Dust or wipe down the stair railing and newel posts, paying particular attention to grooves and carvings where dirt may accumulate

Never use wax or any type of solution that can make the stairs slippery. Check every few months for any signs of damage or decay. Detecting problems early makes it easier and cheaper to effect repairs. Check the stair railing, newel posts, balusters and treads for cracks, warping or holes.

Remember that anything made of wood is tempting to termites, so keep up your annual inspections. Proper maintenance will maintain the look of the stairway, and in effect the value of the home. A beautiful stair railing can improve the resale value of even the most basic building.

Renovate Your RO Water Purifier System with Kitchen

It’s a fact that renovating a kitchen usually means adding new flooring, cabinets and appliances. It’s another fact that one of the most significantly beneficial appliances is often overlooked during the renovation process. Everyone wants clean water to drink, particularly if you have children in the home, so why install a brand-new sink that pours out the same old water?

Renovate Your RO Water Purifier System with Kitchen

Adding a reverse-osmosis water system to your new kitchen or to your entire home will solve common water problems, hard water and discoloured water. Let’s face it, not all waters are created equally, and depending in which area of the country you live, your tap water is affected by several factors, including salts, minerals, gasses, microorganisms and an over-abundance of chlorine and fluoride.

History and Applications

One of the most effective water filtration techniques available today, the procedure was first employed to desalinate sea water in 1949 by researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). The method for making practical semipermeable membranes to filter water launched an entire industry, expanding into home use during the 1970s.

Household drinking water purification systems, including a reverse osmosis step, are commonly used for improving water for drinking and cooking, although such systems are available for the entire home. The purification process includes using a reverse osmosis (RO) filter, which is a thin composite membrane for trapping particles and contaminants, including rust, mercury, arsenic and calcium carbonate.

Some systems may also include:

  • A second carbon filter to capture chemicals and contaminants not removed by the RO membrane
  • An activated carbon filter designed to trap organics, chemicals and chlorine, which would otherwise degrade reverse osmosis membranes
  • An ultraviolet lamp to sterilize microbes that may escape filtering by the reverse osmosis membrane

Pros and Cons

While the benefits of using a reverse-osmosis unit are still being studied, the unit is effective in ridding your tap water of herbicides and pesticides found in ground water, E coli, coliform germs, water-borne viruses and lead.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reverse-osmosis filtration systems also protect against Cryptosporidium, a parasite found in contaminated water. This parasite affects the small intestines, causing stomach cramps, diarrhea and fevers. Children can also develop dehydration and malnutrition if not protected.

To work effectively, the water feeding through these units should be preasurized to at least 40 psi or greater. As a result, household reverse osmosis water units recover only about 25% of the water entering the system. The remainder is then removed as waste water, but that water is loaded with the rejected contaminants.

The Final Word

If you want to know exactly what you’re dealing with in your tap water, the Environmental Protection Agency website features a Safe Drinking Information System. This database, which holds water quality reports for all of the public water systems in the United States, will tell you what should and shouldn’t be in your water.

Water filtration systems, like water varieties, are not created equal, but when it comes to adding a small appliance to your home that creates a barrier that few contaminants can penetrate and uses no energy, reverse-osmosis water can’t be beat. Besides, think of the ecological benefits when you don’t have to run to the store for those endless cases of plastic bottled water.