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Karcher Pressure Washers

pressure washer

Karcher pressure washers come with a solid brand name behind them. Holding 260 patents, Karcher makes reliable equipment for home use as well as commercial. Even if you only use it to wash your car, their residential models are sometimes adapted from their commercial-grade products, bringing you added reliability and innovation.

If you’ve never thought about owning one or need a more efficient replacement for a pressure washer you already own, Karcher pressure washers are great for keeping your outdoor areas free of mud and dirt. Instead of a cumbersome garden hose, a lightweight, portable pressure washer can effectively hose down almost anything, including cars, driveways, decks, boats or trailers, awnings, deck or patio furniture, siding and windows, and trashcans. What’s the difference between a pressure washer and a garden hose? Well, the lowest-pressure model delivers nearly 28 times more pressure than a hose. That’s a lot of power to eliminate mud and dirt off of your car or driveway.

Karcher pressure washers are designed with actual people in mind. They strive to use the newest changes in ergonomic technology for more portable pressure washers that are also more comfortable, and to make their washers easy to use and efficient. Home models start at only 9 lbs. and include clips on the device for storing the different wands used for various jobs. These pressure washers are also made to be more efficient and less noisy, built with a stop function on the trigger so it only runs when you’re spraying. That means you can easily use your pressure washer whether you’re in a rural area or a tightly packed neighborhood.

Models come with two types of wands: the patented Dirtblaster for solid surfaces like brick, concrete, and stone and the Vario Power Spray wand that lets you adjust the water pressure so you can power wash your porch or lightly spray off your car. Some models come with built-in detergent tanks and larger models with dual detergent tanks. The Vario Power Spray wand lets you automatically use detergent when spraying. Most of Karcher pressure washers for home use are electric and therefore much quieter and easier to use than gasoline powered washers. That and the compact design make them usable almost anywhere, including urban environments such as around condos and townhouses.

And because of the brand power, you’ll be able to find whatever parts or accessories you need to upgrade and maintain your pressure washer. You can find different wands, cleaning kits, and brush attachments for various jobs, including wand extensions, wide area surface cleaners, and a water pumping kit. If you have a model with a detergent tank or even a dual detergent tank, they also make a few different formulas of soap, including all-purpose cleaner, degreaser, and car soap and wax.

If you’d like to clean your car without fighting with a hose, deep clean your house siding or hard-to-reach upper story windows, or keep almost anything else you own free of mud and dirt, look to Karcher pressure washers for home use.